Dave Block, Cinematic Producer & Director

Dave Block is a graduate of Guilford High School, and Owner-Extraordinaire of  independent film production company, 'Block Films'. His acting career began in 1987 when he was cast in 'Peter Pan' at Rock Valley College's Starlight Theater, and he continued to be cast in numerous other roles until he took some time off to get a real job. After a string of management positions, he returned to writing music, and movies, and is currently working on a book. He has also written, starred in, and directed the 'Insurance King' commercials, where he played the ever-so-popular "Insurance Geek" (fighting crime and high insurance rates!) and an entire stand-up routine on being the middle child, "Middle Child Syndrome". It is an epidemic that he feels more people need to acquaint themselves with - preferably by buying tickets to his show. His 3rd Feature film, "The Adventures Of Wyatt Trash: The Devil's Spittoon" is currently in the works. And if you call him David, you will be challenged to a marathon Connnect-Four session, or be faced with listening to a saxophone solo of Billy Joel's, "It's Still Rock And Roll To Me". So we really don't recommend that you do that.

Dave's Fun Facts:

Accomplished Amateur Filmmaker

Has Not Read An Entire Book Since The Reagan


Owns More Shoes Than Imelda Marcos

Boasts An Acting Career Spanning Three Decades

Plays A Mean Saxophone

Writes, Edits & Shoots All Of His Own Films

Has Never Been To A Professional Basketball Game

Dave Has A Scar On His Rib Cage From A Bicycle

Accident As A Child, He Tells The Girls It's Where

He 'Got Stabbed'

Was A Member Of The Madrigal Choir & Acapella Group

In High School

Contact Dave:

Email: dave@digitalninjasmedia.com