Heath D. Alberts, Chief Executive Officer and Marketing Director

Heath D. Alberts is a graduate of Boylan High School, and a college dropout. He has been employed in a vast number of interesting positions, including Unix Mainframe SysOp, web site designer, Corporate  Operations Manager, and cartoon character. He is the author of a novel, has experienced house flipping, and has been known to shoot bottle rockets out of his teeth. He is experienced with HTML, too many software packages and OS's to name, Marketing, a Wand Of Fire with a 2xD12 damage roll, and Business Management. And now he's taken on the mantle of, 'Guy who makes sure that your advertising dollar is so well spent that you just might plotz.'

Heath's Fun Facts:

Experienced House Flipper

Once Held A Real Estate Salesperson's License

Self-Taught Web Site Designer

Used To Service & Build Computers In His Spare Time

Has Been Known To Work 90-Hour Weeks

Had His First Steady Job At Age 8

Has Been Skydiving

Actively Blogged Since 2006

Certified NRA Sharpshooter

Contact Heath:

Email: heath@digitalninjasmedia.com