Social Media Setup  

Are you one of those folks who can't understand how a seven year old can code in C++, when you can barely email your cousin Myrtle?

We can assist you in setting up pages/accounts on FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, FourSquare, and just about any other social media outlet out there.

But we don't stop there! We offer 'aftercare' in the form of clear, and concise, written instructions to assist you in updating and utilizing the services we enact on your behalf. If you like, we can even tend the site at your direction over the short or long term.

Virtual Assistant Services  

Are you a small business owner who can't afford an assistant? Are you in need of someone who types 96wpm, in lieu of your hunt and peck skills? We have just what you need! We offer Virtual Assistant services to all of our clients, regardless of their needs. If it involves a computer, we can probably help. And not only do you save time and energy, you also save on benefits and extras (read - taxes) by using our services for as much or as little time as you require.

And - for the record - our VA Services Consultant has been certified at a 'Master' level in Word, Excel & PowerPoint, is a licensed and bonded notary, and has been clocked at 96wpm. We know - we're amazed too!

Transcription (Including Medical)  

Our staff Transcriber is experienced with DictaPhone, Digital Media, and Transcriber technologies. She's also been clocked at 96wpm, and has completed Dean Vaughn's Medical Terminology. Having worked in numerous law offices in high-level capacities, discretion is a foregone conclusion. You can feel confident in placing your trust in our services - we won't disappoint!

Disc Jockey Services  

Your special event is all planned. Now you just need the right music to set the mood and tone. Not to worry! Our Disc Jockey comes with all of his own equipment, songs, and software. Want Karaoke too? Done and done.

Too often in this day and age DJ's can be aloof and unapproachable. Not so with ours! Our staff DJ is a charming and approachable young man with manners to match. His sense of humor and well-spoken demeanor will make him an outstanding asset to your next event!

Concerned about cost? Our DJ has proven time and time again to be competetive on cost, and should you find a lower price (and we don't think you will), we're always happy to consider matching it. We want your business!

Licensed & Bonded Notary  

Need a notary? We've got a licensed and bonded notary in the State of Illinois on full-time staff.

Press Release Creation

Want to create free media opportunities? A compelling, and properly formatted, press release (while not a guarantee for publication) is a great way to make that happen! And we can help you craft a press release for your business, service, or event that has the very best chances of being picked up! And if it doesn't? Who says you can't keep submitting it quarterly? We sure don't!

We can also assist you with the submission process. If publication occurs, the return on investment is always worth it.

Résumé Creation / Modification

Résumés are tough to create. Think they're not? Then you're probably doing it wrong. A good résumé is, oftentimes, the first and last window of opportunity for you to gain the employment you desire - and deserve. So make it count!

Heath and Wanda Alberts are both very experienced résumé creators - and as professionals in their fields, have also seen hundreds and hundreds of bad ones when hiring staff at companies they've worked for.

A good résumé can take them upwards of two hours to craft to perfection.

"Really? Why?" you might ask.

The answer might surprise you: Because they know what verbiage to use, what words are the 'perfect fit', what points are important, and which can be discarded. Further, they can create 'modified' variants so that you can potentially apply for jobs in differing sectors. We call it 'targeted' self-marketing. You'll call it amazing - who knew you could look so good on paper?