Wanda K. Alberts, Web Design Director

Wanda K. Alberts is a graduate of Winnebago High School, and a certified paralegal. She has come from, "Thank you! Drive through!" to be a force for social change via her not-for-profit and community outreach project, 'Tailored To Hire'. She has been known to slip into Japanese or Spanish in casual conversation, and cannot make Rice Krispie Treats without coming away with battle scars. She is experienced with Web Design, Marketing, Business Management, and more software packages than a Nerf display. She currently divides her time between work and plotting to take over one of the lesser moons of Jupiter and... oh, we've said too much.

Wanda's Fun Facts:

Experienced House Flipper

Able To Hit On Guys In Japanese

Founded Her Own Not-For-Profit, Social Outreach

Program To Assist The Less Fortunate In Finding


Accomplished Musician On The Flute, Also Plays The

Clarinet & Oboe

Types 96+ Words Per Minute

Certified At 'Master' Levels On Numerous Software


Self-Taught Web Site Designer

Has Been Skydiving

Is Tachikoma-Friendly

Volunteers and Sits on the Board  At Her Church's Food


Contact Wanda:

Email: wanda@digitalninjasmedia.com